Why are corporate mobile apps important?

June 22, 2011

Everywhere you look at the moment mobile apps are advertised on banners, tube posters, newspaper adverts and on the TV. The popularity of apps can be seen in new figures released by Flurry which show that mobile app use has overtaken web browsing for the first time in theUS.

The data also shows that those using apps appear to be glued to their smartphones and tablets with the average user spending an incredible 81 minutes playing around with them a day – that’s four minutes longer than watching Toy Story.

So why are mobile apps gaining more prominence and popularity? Well, the data shows that 47% use their apps to play games and 32% use social networking apps. Additionally, retail apps are also on the rise meaning you can pretty much plan your life through a smartphone. As well as playing Angry Birds.

Why should companies, particularly telcos sit up and take notice of this? According to Kåre Carlsen, Content Manager for Three, it’s important to have an app in order to engage with customers. ” I think the shift is coming into the business that more businesses use it as a corporate way into integrating with their customers and actually providing better service to them than they’ve ever been able to do.”

In his recent interview with Telecoms IQ, Kåre touched on a few hints that companies should consider when planning a corporate app: “[Apps are] very personal, it’s always online, it’s always in the pocket of the consumers. So instead of making a very broad and general path, you should think about how to constrain your message and the functionality stands you probably small screen, within the general consumers’ everyday life and how to touch optimise it.”

If you want to hear the full interview with Kåre Carlsen, please click here.

Developing corporate apps is just one of the topics that will be addressed at Mobile Application Development Strategies in September. For more information, please visit the Mobile Application Development Strategies conference website.


Telecoms IQ is the place to be

June 13, 2011

So here we are now, entertain us –  to paraphrase arguably one of the world’s most famous songs. Well, we’ll certainly see what we can do on this new, and very fabulous, Telecoms IQ blog.

It’s been a busy week for Telecoms IQ, not just because we’ve been busy producing this blog, but because we ran two successful conferences simultaneously – M2M Forum Europe and Mobile Network Optimisation. Both were well received by all who attended and many commented on how they’d learned so much in their time there. This is always good to know.

So, this shiny new Telecoms IQ blog will be used to keep everybody updated on the conferences we are running, but also to comment on the wider telecoms industry – who the movers and the shakers are and what trends are emerging to make sure you’re watching out for.

Most importantly, we’ll be providing you with the opportunity to get involved by telling us what you think.

What have we got in the pipeline? Well, I’m glad you asked as Number Portability 2011 is just around the corner.

The conference will be held at The Sheraton Park Lane, London from 20th-22nd June 2011 and includes a huge amount of operator and regulator led case studies offering up the best advice on how to best implement Number Portability and address any issues that arise during the process.

Number Portability www.numberportabilityevent.com will enable those who attend to learn how to develop the technical and operational processes required to implement a cost efficient and sustainable NP solution, while ensuring optimal collaboration among all stakeholders in your market.

Key speakers at the conference include:

  • Nauman Arshad, Project Manager, Number Portability, Telenor
  • James McEwan, Head of Billing & Provisioning, Cable & Wireless Channel Islands, Isle of Man &Bermuda
  • Surender Singroha, Assistant Manager, Legal & Regulatory, Bharti Airtel

To download your Number Portability programme, please visit http://bit.ly/ku9OZr

Additionally, you can download your complimentary podcasts and articles from our download centre http://bit.ly/iT0cAK