WiFi offload will be a huge topic for operators looking to deploy LTE

April 5, 2012

LTEAs some industry analysts predict that a whopping $10.84bn will be spent on global LTE infrastructure in 2012 alone, it’s no surprise that LTE deployment was a hot topic for operators and device manufacturers at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

At the dedicated LTE Forum key questions surrounding LTE were posed by the operators in the room:

Questions including:

– How can you optimise your LTE network deployment?
– How can you ensure that you successfully monetise your LTE network?
– How can you ensure optimal user experience from your new LTE network?

Following some general discussion from the floor, KDDI, Telecom New Zealand, Etisalat, Telenor and Reliance 4G took to a panel discussion where some important issues were raised by the panellists:

• Operators need to learn how to market LTE services correctly to ensure that they make a profit
• Network sharing is going to be a big topic over the coming few years if operators are going to keep costs down when deploying LTE – how do operators overcome the challenges associated with network sharing agreements?
• Operators need to determine how to ensure seamless connectivity  between WiFi and  LTE
• Operators need to know how to become super pipes not dumb pipes!

The panel went on to state that one of the biggest areas of investment for them was going to be E2E experience and transparency using performance analytics tools.

Additionally, as statistics show that 60-65% of people are using data in a home or building, it became clear that WiFi offload will be a huge topic for operators looking to deploy LTE.  Alongside this, mobile operators are placing more and more importance on working with their fixed line counterparts as they try to improve these relationships and leverage them to enhance user experience and monetise their networks.

A huge problem that was discussed in-depth was how to provide seamless connectivity across both fixed and mobile.

With huge growth in LTE investment predicted between 2012 and 2015 it’s clear that there are still a lot of hurdles for operators to overcome.  As critical questions remain unanswered, just how are operators going to ensure that they adopt the best LTE deployment methods and strategies that ensure both optimal user experience and the best ROI?

If you interested in LTE, topics will be covered at Mobile Network Performance Management in June. Additionally, LTE Deployment Strategies will be taking place November. If you are interested in hearing more about these events, please email telecoms@iqpc.co.uk.