How important is loyalty versus acquisition to mobile operators in Europe?

It is no secret that as we reach market saturation, operators are moving from the focus of customer acquisition to the retention of customers. At a time of declining revenues and ever-rising customer expectations, the customer experience remains the key opportunity for all operators to differentiate themselves and retain subscribers in the face of aggressive competition.

This is also the opportunity for smaller operators to keep up with their competitors – what they can’t compete with in terms of pricing and offers, they can make up for with customer experience and the personal touch.

Mobile Europe have put together a guide for the 7 characteristics of successful customer experience, which I thought that it would be beneficial to share:

  1. Innovation needs to be outside-in not inside-out: We need to make sure that we are truly listening to what customers want rather than concentrating on what we want!
  2. CSP’s need to make better use of data to help their understanding of their customers: There is such a large amount of data and information available, but the key is to ensure we are using this to dig deeper into what the customer wants.
  3. The experience needs to be consistent and controllable: It needs to appear seamless to the customer, just because there are changes in expectations, does not mean that this should affect the customer experience or quality of service.
  4. The experience needs to be tunable: The customer experience needs to be personal and therefore adaptable to different wants and needs.
  5. Improving customer interactions is key: As it says on the tin – we must interact with customers for all the reasons listed above!
  6. Using the right measures: Measuring in real-time with avoid complaints and ultimately improve the customer experience.
  7. Addressing business needs as well as consumer needs: Not all customers are simply consumers, they are businesses also, so think big!

Well, I think that is good food for thought, but do you agree with these points? And what would you say the trends coming through in the future of CEM are likely to be?

f you are interested in customer experience, Telecoms IQ have produced the following upcoming CEM events:

CEM in Telecoms: UK Summit, 16th-19th July 2012, London
CEM in Telecoms: Eastern European Summit, 24th-27th September 2012, Prague
CEM in Telecoms: North America Summit, 23rd-25th October 2012, Atlanta

If you are interested in hearing more about these events, please email




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