BIG DATA: Are you ready to take action?

November 22, 2012

Big Data Monetisation in TelecomsWe all know that telecoms operators are sitting on vast amounts of data and information.  The key now is that they tap into this potential goldmine of data and turn it into a strategic asset that can propel their business forwards, most crucially driving revenues.

At a recent conference, leading strategist Von McConnell, from the US giant Sprint said.There’s a $260 billion advertising industry out there just trying to get at this data.″


With most operators appearing unequipped to successfully exploit their data assets they seem a long way from being able to capitalise on the emerging era of Big Data and take advantage of this new billion dollar industry.


Clearly there are still challenges to overcome, but operators need to act now or they risk being outmanoeuvred by the OTT providers who are poised and ready to take control.  They must move quickly and develop new business models and strategic plans specifically geared towards Big Data – especially with M2M communications on the rise and the volume of data entering into an operator’s business about to explode.

Big Data Monetisation in TelecomsThe question for operators all over the globe is; are you ready to take action?  Or, will you be left as nothing more than a dumb pipe in the emerging era of Big Data?

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