Meet the Team

It’s always great to be able to put a face to the name, so here’s the lovely, and if we do say so, rather good looking Telecoms IQ team…

Georgina Hajdu, Divisional Director
Georgina is the telecoms ‘oracle’ and works tirelessly with her team to produce the fantastic Telecoms IQ conferences. She is also the owner of a secret chocolate stash.

Samantha Aspinall, Conference Producer
Like Georgina, Sam knows everything telecoms related and knows everyone who’s worth knowing in the industry. Sam is also quite possibly the most organised person in the world.

Julie Coates, Conference Producer
Julie has now been with us for just over a year and has sucessfully taken the CEM portfolio to world domination level! Julie has also managed to fit in time to travel far corners of the world this year.

Debbie Young, Divisional Marketing Director
Debbie is the marketing guru and can do things with Excel that would make mere mortals weep with envy. Work hard and play harder is Debbie’s attitude to life.

Charlotte Richards, Marketing Manager
Charlotte takes marketing to a whole new level with the events she markets for Telecoms IQ, has a fantastic attention for detail and makes friends with absolutely everybody wherever she goes.

Samantha TannerSam Tanner, Online Content Manager
Sam is responsible for the great podcasts, interviews and articles that you find on the Telecoms IQ event websites and is most likely to be found networking in the pub.

Bilal Azmat, Marketing Manager
Bilal ‘the email king’ Azmat as we like to call him is a marketing legend in these parts and a genuinely lovely guy. Usually to be found in Nandos.

Ina Ukstina, Project Manager
Ina is dedicated to actively working for vendors and helping them to connect with operators for networking, thought leadership and improved market awareness. She is always customer-focused in her approach and it is difficult not to like Ina’s friendly and always positive outlook on life.

Keren Bowman, Conference Producer

Keren is the newest member of the team and joins us from a commodities background. She is looking forward to life in the Telecoms IQ family.


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