LTE will optimise the network to drive the use of mobile video

December 1, 2011

Mobile video is just one of the services which could benefit from LTE networks when they are rolled out across Europe over the next few years. Currently, the service, which has seen exponential growth due to the smartphone industry, is causing networks to run at capacity making it a chore for some users.

Operators are being faced with the dilemma of how to provide quality services to data hungry consumers. Speaking to Telecoms IQ at LTE Deployment Strategies in November, Roberto Minerva, Head of Innovation Lab at Telecom Italia said:

“Right now there are some problems in signalling. In signalling if too many terminals are requesting network capabilities all together, they could deteriorate the services of the network, so we need to understand what the requirements are for services, also in terms of signalling capabilities. I think application development will also try to use the network better.”

Mobile Network Optimisation

Ultimately the aim of deploying LTE would to allow customers to access services whenever they wanted through their connected devices. It was reported this week by NPD that video calling could have as many as 380 million subscribers by 2015, meaning that operators would have to upgrade their networks to cope with this immense demand.

Minerva believes that operators start to look at how customers use video services now in order to provide the QoS required: “I think the major impact [of LTE] will be on video so we need to understand how people are going to use video on their mobile. We should probably start to update the video encoding throughout the industry to optimise the use of video and maybe also to rethink the idea of how services, mobile and multimedia services will be used in a mobile environment.”

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