London Olympic park on track to be the largest high density Wi-Fi venue ever!

May 31, 2012

BT is on target to deploy a million Wi-Fi hotspots in London as it steps up its Wi-Fi deployment ahead of the Olympic Games.

BT’s dedicated Wi-Fi network strategy for the Olympic Park will help meet the huge demand for internet access from those attending the Olympic and Paralympic Games

With over 1000 access points across 9 different Olympic venues and across all of the public areas, the Park is set to be the largest high density Wi-Fi venue ever to exist and could potentially see more Wi-Fi users in any one place than any other event before.

With this latest announcement from BT – the 2012 Olympics will be a truly digital Games and the enhanced Wi-Fi coverage will allow people to get online, keep in touch with friends and family and share their experiences of the event.

The Mayor of London has been quoted in the news this week saying – “This is fantastic news for the millions of visitors coming to the capital to enjoy this incredible summer of sport but even better news for London’s businesses who will continue to reap the benefits of this boost to the city’s ever expanding digital infrastructure long after the Games are over.”

As London pushes to become ever more digital ahead of the Games, the question now is: What comes after the Olympics? 

Virgin Media won the contract back in March to provide the London Underground with a Wi-Fi service but there seems to be a raft of challenges around doing this.  This latest innovation is clearly great news for tube customers but, how successful will it really be?  Will tube customers really be able to access the internet underground by the end of 2012?  And, what else is on the cards as operators push to provide seamless internet access for their users in every part of the Capital.

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